3 Ingredient Keto Peanut Butter Mug Cake Recipe Peanut butter mug

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Bake cake 33-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Cool cake 5 minutes. Turn out onto rack, peel off parchment. Cool cake completely before frosting. To make the frosting, in a mixing bowl add the butter, peanut butter and 1/3 cup heavy cream. Stir at low-speed until combined.

Peanut Butter Cake

Making 3 ingredient peanut butter mug cakes. In this recipe video, we'll show you how to make 3 ingredient peanut butter mug cake. Try this delicious peanut.

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Servings: 1. Prep Time: 4 minutes. Cook Time: 1 minute. Total Time: 5 minutes. Course: Dessert. Cuisine: American. This easy flourless gluten-free peanut butter mug cake is only three ingredients. It cooks in the microwave and is ready in about 5 minutes. 4.48 from 17 votes.

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Method. Measure the peanut butter and sugar into the mug. Crack in the eggs, and whisk everything together using a fork. Once the batter is fully combined - it should go around three-quarters of the way up the mug - put it in the microwave and heat on high for 1 to 2 minutes. In my 700W microwave (category D), it takes exactly 1 minute, 45.

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Instructions. In a small mixing bowl, add all your ingredients and whisk together, until combined. Transfer your mug cake batter into a greased microwave-safe ramekin or cereal bowl. Microwave for 45 seconds-1 minute. Remove from the microwave and let sit for a minute, before eating.

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Instructions. In a medium bowl or stand mixer, whip heavy cream until stiff peaks form, around 2-3 minutes. In a large bowl, blend peanut butter and powdered sugar together until mixed thoroughly. It'll be difficult to incorporate at first but then you'll get it to relax. It should be completely smooth.

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Instructions. Crack the egg into a small bowl. Stir in the sugar. Measure out the peanut butter, add to the bowl, and mix in well. Pour the batter into a sprayed, microwave-safe mug. Microwave for 1 minute or until done. Dig in!! Now head on over and check out this 3-ingredient mug cake (it's chocolate and flourless!!)

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As a result, this will give it a light chocolate peanut buttery taste. Perfect for peanut butter lovers! For this Peanut Butter Mug Cake you will need: 1 Egg; 3 tbsp unsweetened peanut butter; 2 large tbsp white sugar; First, simply add egg, peanut butter, and white sugar to a bowl and whisk with a fork until completely blended.

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Instructions. For the layer cake: In a large mixing bowl, beat cake mix, water, peanut butter, oil and eggs with electric mixer on medium speed about 2 minutes. Pour into greased and floured 9 inch round pans. Bake the cake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

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Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease the interior of an 8 oz ramekin or similar sized baking dish. Add egg to a medium bowl. Whisk egg vigorously with a whisk for one minute. Add in peanut butter and erythritol. Whisk until completely incorporated and batter is smooth. Pour batter into prepared ramekin.

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How to make Peanut Butter Frosting. A full printable version of this recipe with ingredient measurements is available at the bottom of this post. STEP ONE: In a medium mixing bowl, beat butter and peanut butter for 60-90 seconds, until fluffy. Scrape the sides of the bowl. STEP TWO: Gradually mix in the powdered sugar, mixing for 1-2 minutes.

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Use unsweetened natural peanut butter and a sweetener instead of sugar to make a keto peanut butter mug cake. Mix the peanut butter, sugar and egg into the mug. Mix well with a fork or small whisk, until the ingredients are fully incorporated together. Add the optional chocolate chips if you like and mix well. Microwave the mug cake for 1 minute.

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Add in sugar and beat for another 2 minutes. Measure out peanut butter into a large mixing bowl. Add in 1/3 of the egg mixture. Gently stir and fold with a spatula in the same clockwise direction until all of the egg is mixed in and no streaks remain. Make sure you are stirring by hand gently with a spatula.

3 Ingredient Keto Peanut Butter Mug Cake Recipe Peanut butter mug

Instructions. Add flour, sugar, and baking powder to a mug and stir together. Stir in milk, oil or melted butter, peanut butter and vanilla extract until smooth, being sure to scrape the bottom of the mug. Stir in chocolate chips. Cook in microwave for 70-90 seconds* (until cake is just set, but still barely shiny on top).

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Beat eggs on highest speed with mixer until triple in volume, about 8 minutes. Make sure you beat the eggs long enough. This cake depends on the egg volume. Add in sugar and beat for another minute. Measure out peanut butter into a glass bowl. Add in 1/3 of the egg mixture.

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For the Cake: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour; 2 teaspoons baking powder; 1/2 teaspoon baking soda; 1/2 teaspoon salt; 1/3 cup coconut oil , at room temperature or oil of choice (I use coconut oil).Note: Oil yields a moister cake than butter; 1/3 cup natural unsweetened peanut butter; 1 cup brown sugar; 2 large eggs; 1 cup buttermilk (can substitute 1 cup milk with 1 tablespoon white vinegar or.