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Amarula Cream Liqueur is a nutty, citrus-driven cream liqueur made and flavored with Africa's marula fruit. Its creamy milk-like texture in the glass leads to a plush and mouth-filling palate without being too heavy. Fast Facts Classification cream liqueur Company Distell Group/Terlato Wines Distillery South Africa Cask type French oak

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Amarula is sweet cream liqueur from South Africa made with cream, sugar, and fermented and distilled marula tree fruit. So unlike many cream liqueurs, Amarula doesn't have a base of brandy or whiskey and is instead considered a fruit-based spirit.

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Amarula is a South African cream liqueur similar to Baileys Irish Cream, but smoother and less expensive. It is made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African marula tree. It has a low alcohol content of 17% by volume. If you like Bailey's give Amarula a try.

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Amarula is a delicious South African liquor made of sugar, cream, and the fruit from the marula tree. This creamy and citrusy liquor tastes great on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail drink. Some of the most popular drinks include Amarula with coffee, coconut or fruit cocktails, and an Amarula milkshake.

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Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa. It is made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African marula tree ( Sclerocarya birrea) which is also locally called the elephant tree or the marriage tree. It has an alcohol content of 17% by volume (34 proof).

Amarula Cream Liqueur

A creamy and indulgent boozy coffee drink that's perfect for dessert cocktail lovers and adult milkshake enthusiasts! View Recipe. 7. ICED COCONUT AMARULA LATTE. A tropical delight that combines the smoothness of coconut milk with the decadence of Amarula Cream Liqueur for a vacation in a glass. View Recipe. 6. HOT WHITE RUSSIAN WITH AMARULA. A.

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Delicious gingerbread elephants with the decadence of Amarula Cream Liqueur. Explore More Red Velvet Cake. Treat yourself to the taste sensation of Amarula paired with berry vodka, white chocolate and beetroot juice.. Drink Aware This site uses cookies to provide you with a better experience. By logging into this site, you are agreeing to.

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shares Learn how to make the best Amarula cocktail recipe. Our quick & easy White Russian is one of our favourite cocktails with Amarula, a cream liqueur distilled in South Africa. The boozy coffee drink can be served warm without ice or cold on the rocks.

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Let it cool completely. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice, then add half of the chocolate ganache, vodka and Amarula to it. Cover the cocktail shaker and shake it with enthusiasm for 30 seconds. Fill the one glass with the cocktail. Add the remaining ingredients to the cocktail shaker and repeat the process.

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African Brew The African Brew is a brown colored drink made from Amarula cream liqueur, banana, chocolate ice cream and ice, and served in a chilled wine glass. African Delight The African Delight is a brown and cream colored shot made from Amarula cream liqueur and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, and served layered in a chilled shot glass. Amalyser

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10 Cream Liqueurs to Try. Photo courtesy of Guappa. 1) Amarula ( $18) Hailing from South Africa, outside of Phalaborwa, Amarula Fruit Cream is made from the marula fruit, found only in the sub.

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Amarula Cream Liqueur Drinks. Choose from 17 drink recipes containing Amarula Cream Liqueur. Learn more about Amarula Cream Liqueur in the drink dictionary! Anejo Kiss (Martini) Amarula Cream Liqueur, Partida Anejo Tequila, White Creme de Cacao. Banana Dream #2 (Shooter) Amarula Cream Liqueur, Banana Liqueur, Cream.

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What is it? Well, as the name implies, it's a cream liqueur. I know that's a shock to learn. Specifically, however, it's a liqueur that they drive from marula fruit. You'll recognize it for the awesome elephant on the bottle. Why's there an elephant on the bottle? It's not just to catch your attention, it's from South Africa.

Amarula Cream

Amarula's caramel flavor fits in perfectly. Instructions: In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine an ounce and a half of vodka, an ounce and a half of Amarula, 1/4 ounce of cream, and 3/4.

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65ml Amarula Cream. 35ml brandy. 25ml apricot liqueur. 10ml sugar syrup. The tropical fruit notes in the Amarula mix beautifully with the apricot liqueur and brandy to make a gloriously decadent cocktail here. Method: Another very simple recipe, simply pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass, add 4-5 ice cubes, stir rigorously for 10-15.