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LEGO plates have strong clutch power and really like to stick to studs - here's an easy way to get them to come off so you can use them somewhere else! Press the front part of the brick separator down on top of two studs of the plate. The brick separator should click into place like a normal LEGO brick.

*BUILD TIP** . This technique gives studs on all sides a new meaning that is both lightweight

Using this unit, the height of a brick (0.96 cm) is 3 plates. The width of a 1×1 brick (0.8 cm) which we usually refer to as 1 stud is equivalent to 2.5 plates. 1 stud also represents the stud pitch (or the distance center to center between any two adjacent studs on a LEGO brick or plate).

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LEGO 8-Stud Storage Bricks feature lift-off lids to provide easy access to what's inside. The iconic design comes in various colors and is an ideal size for keeping all sorts of things just where you need them: craft supplies, toys, LEGO bricks, stationery and household items, for example.

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Offset offers to model fine details of buildings with your bulky LEGO bricks. The holes in Technic liftarms and bricks are helpful to build offset. Use the 1x1 and 1x2 Technic bricks with holes inline with the studs. The tubes at the bottom side of 2-wide bricks and plates are also offset to the normal stud on top of the bricks or plates.

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For an official position, you may want to check older LEGO catalogues or instructions to see if they're naming things, and how. While you can find some names for complete elements in, for example, service parts catalogues, I don't think you'll find much for specific subparts. Given the 1958 patent illustration, it's likely the patent itself named subparts, and more specifically studs and tubes.

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The smallest amount you can normally set back a layer of bricks relative to the layer below it is a single stud. Depending on the scale you are using for the tower, a full stud setback at each step may not give you as smooth of a taper as you would like. What if there was a way to set your bricks back by just half a stud instead of a full stud ?

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Easy! But in many circumstances, you may need to consider ½ plate offsets. The ½ plate dimension occurs in many LEGO elements, but the trick is to know when and how to use them. For example in the elements above, ½ plate dimensions are on full display. The thin part of the bracket is ½ plate thick.

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In the LEGO world, SNOT stands for "Studs Not On Top" and it is a technique for building sideways. In my first article, we explored the origins of LEGO SNOT. My second article analyzed the geometry of SNOT construction and some basic building techniques.

Recently I saw someone mention how putting a stud between a plate's studs is considered illegal

One of the sides is a stud (or 2.5 plates) wide horizontally and so the other has to be 2.5 plates measured vertically. Given that a brick is 3 plates tall, that leaves us with a lip that is 3 - 2.5 = 0.5 plate tall. Referring to the Pythagorean theorem ( a2+b2 = c2) if two sides of the right triangle are 1 stud each, the length of the.

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The 2x4x2 brick with studs on sides is used on official LEGO models for instance to create snotted undercarriage in Santa Fe's sets. It is 40 LDU high (5 plates). The others bricks with studs on sides in the illustration are 20 LDU high Two different type of 1x1 with clip exist. The left plate with clip, which is discontinued, is thinner

Lego Experiment studs on both sides Design, Lego, Blight

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While a 1×2 jumper plate allows you to create a half stud offset in one dimension (either front to back or sideways), you can do the same in two dimensions using a 2×2 jumper plate (part 87580). This jumper plate has a single stud exactly in the center of where the 4 studs on a regular 2×2 plate would be located.

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This is useful when you want to be able to add details to both sides of a creation, or when you're building a sideways landscape and need studs going the opposite direction for the other half of your creation. One of my favorite ways to flip studs is the cheese-slope method.