These aren't your standard kidfriendly road trip games. These

These aren't your standard kidfriendly road trip games. These

Story Time. In this road trip game for adults, you will put your storytelling skills into practice. This game is pretty simple to play and you don't need anything other than your imagination. One person will start the story by saying one word. The rest of your companions will then add one word to this story one by one.

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Alphabet Game. A good choice for families traveling with children, the alphabet game is another road trip classic that involves looking for words on signs and billboards that start with each letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter "A" until reaching "Z." Players can simply yell out the word when they see it, and the whole.

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This is one of the best road trip games for adults. Friends, couples and siblings alike will probably end up laughing (or cringing) at some point during a game of Would You Rather. Players must.

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Hot Seat. Hot Seat is the perfect road trip game to ask your friends questions. Make the questions as silly, thought-provoking, insightful, or inquisitive as you want. Hot Seat is a really great game to connect with your travel companions and spark meaningful (or silly) conversations. Before you begin, set boundaries.

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1. Shotgun! Road Trip Game. This is the ultimate road trip game. It was specifically designed for road trips. You'll find in the box many cards to use during your road trip. The driver will be able to play as you only need one person to read the cards.

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23 Entertaining Road Trip Games for Adults. by Tuula. | 02/19/2024. Make the long journey memorable with these fun and entertaining road trip games for adults! Playing road trip games is a great way to bond with friends and family during those long car rides. 1. State License Plates. Keep track of the various state plates you see during the ride.

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Counting Game. Try to count to the highest number possible as a group without ever saying a number at the same time. The first person starts by saying the number one. The group then has 5 seconds for someone to say the number two. If two or more people speak at once, then the game is over and you have to start again.

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1. Choose a different BINGO pattern in order to win. For example: Instead of having 5 squares in a row, you have to get a small square, a large square, an X, or even the full card to win. 2. Create different BINGO cards with different topics. For example, Street signs, types of cards, fast food restaurants, songs, etc.

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For Adults. 1. Truth or Dare. This is a classic game, but it can be adapted to a road trip as well. Take turns picking whether you want to reveal a truth or take a dare. In this case, you will need to pick a dare that can be done safely in the car or by stopping the car when you get the chance. Time to be creative!

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Couples Padiddle. In this game, participants have to call out "Padiddle" every time they see a vehicle with a headlight out. The last one to say padiddle has to do something for the other person. In the couples version of the game, this might be to give them a kiss or give them a neck massage. Image via Unsplash.


5. Scattergories. This is another board game turned road trip game. The board game comes with a letter die, lists of categories, and notepads, but you can really just make them up on your own. This is how the road trip version of the game works: Pick a category (i.e. cities, cars, movies, etc.) Pick a letter of the alphabet.

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3. Road Trip Trivia. Another classic road trip game is Trivia. This is one of the best adult car games and involves answering trivia questions about various topics, ranging from geography to history to pop culture. It can be played by any number of people, and is a great way to test your knowledge while on the road.

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Radio Roulette. This is essentially a game of Name That Tune. Flip among stations (presets work best), and let it play for 15 seconds. The other person has to name the artist and name of the song. One point for each. Bonus point round: Name the album. The first one to reach 15 points wins. 06 of 20.

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This classic road trip game is played by finding all 26 letters of the alphabet on things that you pass as you are going down the highway, in order, from A to Z. Check out billboards, roadside signs, license plates, restaurant signs — anything! — and once you see the next letter, call it out. Telephone.

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14. If you are looking for an easy laugh, play "Cows on My Side." The Game: Holler when you see a cow! The Rules: • When you see a cow on your side of the road, you have to yell, "Cows on my.