Do You Remember These 8 Ingenious Recipes from the Little House Books

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Maple Snow Candies Via/ Flickr In Little House in the Big Woods after collecting maple sap and boiling it down, they drizzled it over pans of fresh snow. The resulting candy was hardened and created a delicious confection from very few ingredients. That's the pioneer way! Find the full recipe here. Ginger Water Via/ Flickr

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Instructions. Preheat the oven to 400 degree F. Use 2 tablespoons of butter to grease a large baking dish. (9×13 or a smaller deeper dish.) In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk the milk, remaining butter (melted) and 2 eggs.

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Roasted Pigs Tail. Via/ Library of Congress. Another Little House in the Big Woods delicacy was roasted pig tail. After Pa butchers the hog and Ma processes all the meat and drippings, Pa sticks the tail on a skewer for roasting over the fire. So eager are they to get their hands on this treat that Mary and Laura burn their little fingers.

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Little House on the Prairie Cinnamon Chicken by Annemarie Rossi | Jul 26, 2017 In a classic episode of "Little House on the Prairie," (Back to School Part 2, Season 6, Episode 2) Laura offers to cook dinner for a special date between Nellie and the handsome bachelor in town, Almanzo Wilder.

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How to make Hulled Corn This was one of Laura's favorites from Little House in the Big Woods Maple Candy Recipe Make maple candy like Laura and her cousins did. Make Horehound Candy Make your own version of this hard-to-find candy that Laura loved. Johnny Cakes Recipe Johnny Cakes were often a staple in the Ingalls family meals. Parched Corn Recipe

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Flour. All-purpose flour will do; you can also use whole-wheat or gluten-free flour as well. Sugar. I used granulated sugar but feel free to use other sweeteners like raw sugar, Stevia, blackstrap molasses, honey, or even maple syrup. Baking Soda.

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Little House recipe #4 - Maple Candy! Maple syrup is a big part of the Ingalls' life in Little House in the Big Woods. With Pa's help, Laura's grandpa taps the maple trees on his property once the "sugar snow" falls. They make it into 2 different kinds of maple candy: one that is made by simply pouring syrup onto snow, and one that is.

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Step One - Soak white beans overnight to soften them. Step Two - In the morning, rinse the beans. (Preheat the oven to 350) Step Three - Place the beans in a pot with clean water and allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Step Four - Stir in the baking soda, and allow beans to simmer until they are soft.

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The Unofficial Cookbook of the Little House by author Lauren Perry includes recipes for cornbread stuffing, ginger water, baked beans, Laura's favorite Roast Chicken, Farmer Boy ice cream, heart-shaped cakes, peppermint candy and multiple pie recipes featured throughout the series.

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Instructions. Add the cider, honey, lemon, garlic, cinnamon, and salt & pepper to a mixing bowl. Whisk together until the mixture's smooth. Add the chicken breasts to a large ziplocking bag. Pour the marinade over them. Seal the bag to close, squeezing out any excess air as you do.

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Contact Me and request it! Appetizers and Snack RecipesFrom Scratch All of my appetizers and snack recipes use simple ingredients, no overly-processed foods here! You are sure to find something your family will enjoy. Beverage Recipes From Scratch Looking for a great smoothie recipe or a warm winter drink like hot chocolate?

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Country White Bread. Anytime is the right time for a comforting slice of homemade bread. These loaves are especially nice since the crust stays so tender. This white bread recipe is my husband Nick's favorite. He makes most of the bread at our house. —Joanne Shew Chuk, St. Benedict, Saskatchewan. Go to Recipe.