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Dice the squash into cubes. Add the squash to a mixing bowl, and toss with maple syrup, cinnamon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Spread the squash in a single layer on a lined baking sheet. Cook until tender, flipping halfway through. Too easy!! Am I right?? Expert Tips

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This collection of 36 frozen butternut squash recipes includes traditional and innovative dishes that highlight the squash's versatility. Each recipe embraces the unique characteristics of butternut squash and showcases how it can be the star of any meal.

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Fast and effortless. When you've already put effort into a tasty main dish, who wants to spend a lot of time on a side? This simple butternut squash recipe takes barely 15 minutes, and uses only dried seasonings you probably already have in your pantry. Healthy! Butternut squash is nutrient-rich, low in fat and high in fiber.

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This roasted butternut squash recipe starts like any other roasted vegetable recipe—olive oil, salt, and pepper—but the simple additions of cinnamon, maple syrup, and fresh rosemary elevate it and give it a festive flair that you'll be proud to share at the table.

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01 of 11 Simple Roasted Butternut Squash View Recipe Marisa R. This four-ingredient roasted butternut squash is seasoned with olive oil, garlic, and salt and pepper. "Not sure I'd roast butternut squash any other way after making this basic, non-fussy recipe.

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Butternut Squash Lasagna. Skip the marinara in favor of a sage-infused roasted butternut squash sauce instead. The slight hint of sweetness pairs perfectly with the spicy Italian sausage and melty cheese. Get the Butternut Squash Lasagna recipe. SHOP DINNERWARE. Caitlin Bensel. 2.

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In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium-low heat. Add the butternut squash and saute 5 minutes. Add the garlic for 30 seconds. Add the broth, chili powder, nutmeg, red pepper flakes, kosher salt, and several grinds of black pepper. Cover and bring it to a high simmer, bubbling constantly.

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Add the frozen butternut squash to a large pot of salted water and boil for 15-20 minutes, or until very tender. Drain, mash, and cool. In a large bowl, whisk together 4 tablespoons of melted butter, the mashed butternut squash, milk, brown sugar, vanilla extract, salt, and eggs. Then transfer the mixture to the prepared baking dish.

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Quick Overview Tips For Roasting Frozen Butternut Squash Break apart any pieces that are frozen together and roast them at 450°F. Make sure the cubes of butternut squash are coated with olive oil. Roast the butternut squash on the lowest rack to get a gorgeous caramelized sear.

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Instructions Scroll down to the roasted frozen butternut squash recipe card for more detailed instructions. Here's a quick overview + photos to see how to make this recipe in general. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place baking dish on bottom rack to preheat.

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Butternut Squash Flatbread El invitado de invierno. salt, olive oil, spelt flour, white wine, sweet paprika, butternut squash and 2 more. The Best Frozen Butternut Squash Recipes on Yummly | How To Roast Frozen Butternut Squash, Frozen Butternut Squash - Store-bought, Butternut Squash Sausage Gnocchi.

Sweet and Spicy Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe Runner

The Ingredients Butternut Squash. A golden jewel of the winter season. Butternut squash is wonderfully sweet, nutty, and destined to be paired with other fall/winter flavors. Plus, with oodles of fiber and vitamin-A, it's a healthy addition to any diet. Substitution Tip You could also make this recipe with sweet potatoes if you prefer.

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1. Chicken Tomatillo Stew from ¡Hola! Jalapeño When the weather gets chilly, a big bowl of this seasonal stew is a must. The cooking time is pretty low making this an easy recipe to whip up on a weeknight. Serve with my favorite cornbread for dipping. 2. Roasted Winter Vegetables Over Creamy Polenta from California Grown

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Preheat oven to 425 degrees and grease a large baking sheet. Peel butternut squash (with a regular peeler), slice down the middle lengthwise. Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and innards and discard. Chop into 1-inch pieces and arrange in a single layer on prepared baking sheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions 📖 Recipe 💬 Comments Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe Using frozen squash for roasting eliminates the need for peeling or cutting, saving a lot of time and effort. Roasted frozen butternut squash is an easy weeknight or festive occasion side dish everyone will love. The roasting process creates tender, caramelized squash.

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Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook, stirring occasionally, for 15 to 20 minutes so the flavors have a chance to meld. Carefully use your immersion blender to blend the soup completely, then add 1 to 2 tablespoons butter or olive oil, to taste, and blend again. Taste and blend in more salt and pepper, if necessary.