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In your first example it was "Not only X, but also a Y is on the table." The focus is on Y. But in your second example it is "An X, and also a Y, are on the table." The focus is on X+Y. So yes, in that situation, "are" is the correct word to use. Share. Improve this answer. Follow.

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This is mainly because not only it positively affect students' opinions, but it also. . The "does" is required to put the subject after "not only". Without it, you must use the standard word order: This is mainly because it not only positively affects students' opinions, but it also. .

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2. Parallel Structure: When using "not only" in a sentence, it is essential to maintain parallelism by using the same grammatical structure after "not only" and "but also.". This ensures consistency and coherence in your sentence construction. Example 3: Not only is he a talented actor, but he is also a skilled dancer.

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The phrases after not only and but also should follow the same structure. The above examples are correct because in the first two, we used verbs ( read and saw, and visited and went ). In the third example, not only and but also are both followed by noun phrases ( the biscuits and half the donuts ). If we had structured the two parts.

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The phrase "not only…but also" is a commonly used construction that emphasizes the addition of another element or idea. It is often used to highlight the presence of two or more significant factors or qualities. The phrase is typically structured as follows: "Not only [first element], but also [second element].".

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Not only was she a good listener, but she was also a great cook. The example above shows that "but also" does not have to be placed side-by-side. In this case, "she was" breaks up the two words. Still, "but also" must appear in the second half of the sentence and in the correct sequence.

Using of Not only...But also Rules and Examples » OnlyMyEnglish

Define not only. not only synonyms, not only pronunciation, not only translation, English dictionary definition of not only. 1. used with 'but' or 'but also' You use not only to link two words or phrases that refer to things, actions, or situations.

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You use not in expressions such as 'not only', 'not just', and 'not simply' to emphasize that.. Click for English pronunciations, examples sentences, video.

Not Only But Also Adding Emphasis and Clarity to Your Writing English Study Online

"Not only" can be moved to the beginning of the clause for emphasis. It is then followed by auxiliary verb+subject. If there is no other auxiliary, "do"is used. "But" can be left out in this case. Examples: Not only has she been late three times, she has also done no work. Not only do they need clothing, but they are also short of water.

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Another way to say Not Only? Synonyms for Not Only (other words and phrases for Not Only). Synonyms for Not only. 156 other terms for not only- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. words. phrases. idioms. Parts of speech. adverbs. conjunctions. prepositions. Tags. addition. emphasis.

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The meaning of NOT JUST/ONLY/MERELY is something more than. How to use not just/only/merely in a sentence.

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The process of exclusion affects not only the squinting eye, but also in part the one that does not squint.: It is a poetic philosophy that not only sings and sizzles about life, it also affirms life.: These were not only lynching photos, but brutal whippings, and they also burned blacks alive.: Gill nets are not only stretched across the river but are also between rocky out crops where rapids.

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Martin Luther Quote “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do

Incorporating not only. . . but also in a sentence is a way to add emphasis when writing about two related things that use the same part of speech. Not only. . . but also is a correlative conjunction.

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Not only did my friend Joe help me out, but he also drove me to the university. Not only does my pet dog bite me, but he also barks at me. ;-) Not only are there students in the room, but also parents. (here, the parents are there part is not quite required, so you don't have to say but parents are also there because it's implied.)

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You can use "not only" to add information to something that is true. It emphasizes that something else is true (and usually more important) than the original statement. This article will look at another word for "not only" that can be used in formal situations. The preferred synonyms are "besides," "as well as," and "in.