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Michael Afton - the oldest son in the family who tormented his brother with a Foxy mask during FNAF 4. To rectify his mistake (the bite), he goes from location to location trying to free his brother's friends who were trapped within the animatronics. First as a guard in FNAF 2 under the alias of Fritz Smith, then in FNAF 1 as Mike Schmidt.

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Michael Afton aka Mike Schmidt is a major character in the Five Nights at Freddy's horror game series. He appears in multiple titles as his story progresses before meeting a grisly fate. Spoiler alert! This article contains plot details for several games in the series. Now that the film adaptation has been released in theaters, fans are abuzz.

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Michael was born on June 21, 1970 and was 13 in FNAF 4, Elizabeth Afton is 11, and Evan Afton was 9 when he died. William was still 31 (because of floating timelines) and his wife was 30 when she died. In FNAF 2, which either takes place in 1987 or 1994, he would be 17 or 24 (Fritz Smith and Michael Afton are not the same characters)

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Michael Afton is a prominent character in the FNAF series, many believing him to be the character we play as in EVERY FNAF game. Is this true? Let's find out.

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"FNAF" has also inspired countless works of fan art including fan-made games and songs.. Like Michael Afton, Mike Schmidt's actions in the present (the year 2000, according to security footage.

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Michael Afton's character development from a naughty brother to arguably the series' main protagonist has been a treat to witness. Michael is one of the most important characters in the FNAF series, mainly because he is the first to try to steer things to a definitive conclusion.

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Michael Afton Real Ending CN Cutscene 1 CN Cutscene 7 view image Information Status Dead Gender Male Eye Color Blue (formerly) White (SL/FNaF 4 Minigame) Hair Color Brown (Before Loss in Decaying) Occupation Night Technician (formerly) Security Guard (formerly) Manager (formerly) Alias Eggs Benedict

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It is believed by many that Mike Schmidt was an alias used by Michael Afton, the son of . Although there is not a specific piece of evidence that makes this claim irrefutable, there are numerous subtle hints that may suggest this is the case. Another small piece of evidence is that Mike Schmidt and Michael Afton both have blue eyes.

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He 99% is. (Spoiler warning and my predictions below) I'm guessing in the movie Mike Schmidt dies at the end. This allows Michael Afton take his identity after he dies. Biased on William Afton being in the cast, this movie is probably well before Michael knows about fathers murders and before the events of FNAF1.

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Michael Afton: Facing the Horrors of the Past // FNaF Theory - YouTube © 2024 Google LLC In this Video I take a deep dive into Michael Afton's Character and see how he evolved throughout.

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Five Nights at Freddy's (identified as Mike Schmidt) Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location (Story started to unfold from speculation) The Silver Eyes (first identified as the Afton family) Appearance

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Five Nights at Freddy's Michael Afton CutsceneSubscribe to Jaze Cinema on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3oPy4QGH5q9txrra13FjgQ?sub_confirmation=.

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Michael Afton (also nicknamed as " Eggs Benedict) is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. He is also the eldest son of Fazbear Entertainment 's co-founder and serial killer William Afton, and the older brother of Elizabeth Afton

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"YOU CANT" This article contains new content, and will contain spoilers . Mike Schmidt Movie Game (stuffed) TJOC view image Name Mike Schmidt Alias Mike Michael Afton (real name, games) Michael Schmidt (real name, Movie and TJOC) Scott Cawthon (disguise, TJOC) Occupation Night guard Affiliation Fazbear Entertainment First Appearance

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Michael Afton is one of the recurring protagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, appearing in most of the franchise's canon installments. He is confirmed to be the player character of FNAF Sister Location, although it's heavily implied that he is the player character of several other games in the series as well.. Michael's father, William Afton, was the co-founder of Fazbear.